About us

DADS CAN TOO is more than just a name of our organization, it’s an action, a statement that DADS CAN TOO. We are a non profit organization working out of Springfield, Illinois. We work with multiple other groups all of which are trying to advocate for and support children and families of divorce of separation of non married parents. We do this by teaching and encouraging both parties, fathers and mothers, that what is in the best interest of our children is for them to have both parents in their lives and by having loving relationships between the child and both parents.

DADS CAN TOO as well as many of our partner groups are supporters and advocates of 50/50 Equal Shared Parenting in Illinois and federal Family/Divorce cases and should be the norm in Illinois Family/Divorce Laws when both parents are fit, proper, and present. Our goal is to get a Reputable Presumptive 50/50 Equal Sharing Parenting Bill proposed and then for it to be passed and put into law in Illinois. Besides working with multiple groups and getting this bill passed, we also do several events throughout the year and raise money and awareness to our organization and our movement for 50/50 Equal Shared Parenting.

We are NOT here to take anything away from mothers. Our DADS CAN TOO name just means that dads can too, that dads are capable and able to raise our children too and that fathers are more than willing to be a part of our children's lives and just want our fair and equal rights, say, and time with our children. 

Mothers are amazing and very important but so are Fathers and both parents are needed in our children's lives. It took both to create our children and it takes both to raise them. It has also been proven by multiple studies conducted all over the world that it is in the children's best interest to have equal time with both parents and even better to be a part of a civil, loving co-parenting environment where both parents are involved in each aspect of their children's lives.