Parent Buddy Program

We have started our new Parent Buddy Program. Thank you to everyone who has joined this program to help make sure everybody has somebody to talk to and not feel like their all alone. So many people are out there hurting, feel alone and most cases going through things of which it's best to not put that stuff out on Facebook or other social medias.

For this program we have compiled a list of people interested in joining and then we assign them ONE other parent/buddy to communicate with more personally and to have to talk to when do feel all alone. This program is open to all fathers, mothers, grandparents etc... If interested in being a part of this program please contact us through email or our Facebook page. We can then collect your preferred ways of communication and assign a parent buddy to partner you with. For those who only want to talk to a father or mother etc, please let us know that in your reply message to us. Thank you and please share.